GPS Doctor 1.1.0


Fix your poor GPS performance now! Works on all phones, including the Galaxy S!

GPS Doctor is a troubleshooting/diagnostic program for GPS systems in Android devices. If your phone is taking longer than it should to get a satellite fix, or can't get a fix at all, GPS Doctor should be able to help. To use, simply run the "Quick Fix" option (or the manual options) before attempting to use Google Maps (or any other GPS software). Your fixes should come faster and be more accurate.

GPS Doctor works by clearing stale cached values that can mislead your GPS chip as it searches for your location, then injecting the correct values into the chip using data downloaded from NTP and XTRA servers.

The "Quick Fix" option is available to automatically diagnose and correct many common GPS issues. Manual fix options are also available, including: forcing XTRA injection, forcing time injection, and clearing aiding data (all, almanac, ephemeris, time, position, UTC, ionospheric, health, SV Dir, SV Steer, SA, RTI, and CellDBInfo).

This app has been tested an verified to work on three Samsung Galaxy S models (Vibrant, Captivate, and Epic 4G), Samsung Galaxy Tab, Motorola Milestone, Motorola Droid, Motorola Droid X, HTC Magic, and HTC G2 and is generic enough that it should work on EVERY available phone now. GPS Doctor is constantly improving, so please provide feedback if you use this app on another device.

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